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20 Best Things to Do on Brač While Staying at Villa Giardino in Bol 2023

20 Best Things to Do on Brač While Staying at Villa Giardino in Bol 2023

20 Best Things to Do on Brač While Staying at Villa Giardino in Bol 2023 27.07.2023 10:32
Villa Giardino Heritage Boutique Hotel Bol
When holidaying on the island of Brač, visiting these fascinating places and trying out new activities is a sure way to take your stay to another level. Take a look at this list of the most interesting things to do on Brač while staying at the heritage boutique hotel Villa Giardino! If any of these spark your interest, contact us and we will help you organize your dream vacation.
1. Zlatni Rat Beach
Paradise-like Beach Zlatni rat, renowned as one of the "top 50 beaches in the world," stands out as a captivating pebble beach along the Croatian coast. Located merely 2km from the charming town of Bol, this beach offers easy accessibility by car or a leisurely 20-minute stroll along the shoreline. Its breathtaking beauty and crystal-clear waters make it a must-visit destination for beach lovers and travelers alike.

2.   Vidova Gora - Highest Island Peak in Croatia
Vidova Gora, standing tall at 780 meters, holds the distinction of being the highest peak among all the Adriatic islands. Accessible by both cars and bikes, it offers adventure seekers the option to hike as well. The vistas from Vidova Gora are truly awe-inspiring, providing an excellent opportunity to capture stunning photos of the renowned Zlatni rat beach and savor panoramic views of Hvar, Šolta, and various other smaller islands in the vicinity.

3. The Blaca Desert
The Blaca Hermitage was founded in 1551 by Glagolitic priests. With the death of the last hermit in 1963, it was turned into an impressive museum where you can see old furniture, kitchens, dining rooms, and various style furniture around the room, and numerous astronomical devices a rich collection of antique weapons and watches. It can be reached by boat or car.

4. Paddle&Explore
Paddle&Explore is a group of free-spirited and dynamic people with a unified passion for adventure and a love for the outdoors. They offer personalized travel experiences, guided by a highly qualified and experienced team, using new and easy-to-use equipment, all while aiming to create the best possible eco-friendly tours. Find out more here!

5. Tour a winery & try local wines
Stina Winery offers a selection of wines ready to be sampled. All wines are made from Brač grapes. With beautiful seafront seating, a degustation of wines makes for a great evening pastime in Bol.

6.   Brač off-road tour
For the ones who prefer inland activities, embark on an exciting guided quad tour in Bol, on the stunning island of Brač. Join their experienced guides for a two or three-hour adventure, as you explore the breathtaking landscapes, rugged terrains, and hidden gems of this captivating island. Available at Paddle&Explore

7.   The Museum of Oil
The Museum of Oil in Škrip presents the traditional process of olive oil production on the island of Brač. It is an important part of Croatian culinary heritage. Tours can be paired with a tasting of homemade oil.

8. Restaurant Mali raj
Restaurant ‘Mali Raj (Little Paradise)’ is located in a wonderful location directly above the beach Zlatni rat. It is easily accessible by car, following the road to the famous beach. The restaurant is built of stone, positioned inside an old olive grove with ancient olive trees and vineyards. Carefully selected details of the island’s heritage will give you unforgettable moments of the original Dalmatian cuisine and relaxation. Our recommendation for the freshest seafood in Bol

9. Dragon Cave
This small cave near Bol was inhabited in the 15th century by monks and hermits, which had respected the local pagan religion, resulting in the mixing of the two traditions. This cave is famous for sculptures carved into its walls depicting dragons, humans, birds, and other animals. A pagan myth claimed that a one-eyed giant called Orkomarin used to live here.

10. Restaurant Biomania
Biomania is an exclusively organic, farm-to-table plant-based restaurant in the town of Bol, serving delicious meals in two locations - the city center & the Zlatni rat Beach. Their goal is to be an example of sustainability while providing our guests with the highest quality ingredients which are not only organic but go beyond that. They nurture relationships with small family suppliers from the Island of Brač, grow their own food, and adjust menus to reflect seasonal and local ingredients that are unique to the terrain, climate, and agricultural traditions. Give them a try!

11.   Scuba dive in Bol
The underwater world hides many secrets. Discover steep walls, reefs, wrecks, beautiful caves, wonderful fishes, and even a submerged Roman villa that will fascinate everyone who dives. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro – the Adriatic Sea won’t fail to amaze you.

12.   Rent a boat and beach hop
Explore concealed beaches dotted throughout the island by renting a boat. Embark on a delightful beach-hopping adventure, navigating the crystal-clear waters of Brač, and uncovering secluded shores with stunning natural beauty. With the freedom to choose your own path, you can create an unforgettable experience, hopping from one picturesque beach to another, each offering its unique charm and tranquility.

13.   Stonemasonry High School in Pučišća
Opened in 1909, it is the only stonemasonry school in Croatia, with almost 300 students attending. A group tour can be scheduled to show the art, history, and tradition of stonemasonry on Brač. It is one of the few schools in Europe which specialize in stonemasonry, making it a highly sought-after trade school.

14.   Mountain bike
Brač presents an abundance of mountain biking routes, catering to various skill levels, from leisurely to demanding trails. Immerse yourself in pristine wilderness and majestic forests as you venture through the island's captivating landscapes. Whether you're an avid cyclist seeking an adrenaline-pumping experience or a nature enthusiast craving a serene journey, biking on Brač promises an exhilarating and enriching adventure. Available at Paddle& Explore

15.   Visit the Submarine Pen
South shores of Brač were designed military zones in ex-Yugoslavia. Former submarine pens are used today as a shelter for local fishermen, tourist attractions, and swimming spots. They are best accessed by boat.

16.   Windsurf in Bol
Both windsurfing and kitesurfing are available to try out in Bol. As the coastline is often windy, Bol has the perfect conditions that attract windsurfers and kite surfers worldwide.

17.  Admire the Brač Stone
Brač stone is a renowned limestone indigenous to the island of Brač, Croatia, famous for its exceptional quality and beauty. It has been used for centuries in various architectural masterpieces, including the iconic Diocletian's Palace in Split. There are numerous sculptures scattered around Bol, most of which are located on the path to the Zlatni rat. Check out souvenirs made from the stone - clocks, decorations, keychains, and more.

18.   Enjoy a movie under the open sky
Summer cinema under the open sky is a delightful experience where movie enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite films in the enchanting backdrop of the night sky. It offers a unique and nostalgic atmosphere, combining the joy of cinema with the charm of outdoor settings, making it a cherished summer pastime for many. This cinema is located 5 minutes of walking from the Villa Giardino.

19.   House in a House
The most famous local legend regards a story of six brothers, three rich captains, and three poor priests who lived together. Marko, the grumpy and stubborn priest, refused to sell his land to his brothers despite their efforts, leading to a house being built around the original house. The tragedy that followed, with the captains' ships sinking in a storm, was seen as a divine punishment for their actions, and the family lineage ceased to exist. It's an interesting sight to check out, located close to Villa Giardino.

20.   Travel to other towns on the island of Brač
Brač has over 20 settlements, ranging from the biggest, "capital" town on the island, Supetar, to small ones like Ložišća and Dol. We recommend renting a car and discovering the traditional towns and villages of the island, on the coast, as well as inland. Each one is a story in itself

No matter what you decide to do on the Island of Brač, you can count on Villa Giardino Bol to be the perfect starting point, and the best place to return after sightseeing this beautiful Mediterranean island. Enhance your stay by immersing yourself in the captivating Dalmatian hospitality while residing at Heritage Boutique Hotel Villa Giardino in Bol, ensuring a truly unforgettable retreat. Contact us for more information on any of the activities, or to book a stay!
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